The Fort Worth Safe Communities Coalition brings together a dynamic group of more than 130 people (and growing) representing more than 50 Fort Worth organizations to work collaboratively on safety promotion and injury reduction.

The Fort Worth Safe Communities Coalition held its organizing meeting on November 16, 2011. The initiative was started to facilitate an application to become a designated member of the Safe Communities of America and to use that process to foster and strengthen ongoing relationships across existing silos of injury prevention. From that initial meeting, eight prevention task forces were identified based on community data, needs and recommendations from the steering committee. In addition, a Leadership Task Force was established to govern the project. This dynamic coalition developed a successful application for Fort Worth to become designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion (CCCSP) as the 300th Safe Community world-wide, the 22nd in the United States, and the 2nd in Texas on February 2013.


Our designation on February 2013 was just the beginning of the real work. For the next five years we will continue to work to promote safety and prevent injuries. We will apply for re-designation as a Safe Community in 2018.

Our work is largely carried out by task forces focusing on specific injury priorities. Each task force begins by studying local injury data to determine needs and priorities. Next, the group determines what local initiatives may already be in place or in planning to address the priority injury and safety concerns. Finally, the task force develops a plan to address any gaps or to leverage current activities, followed by evaluation to determine impact. The following diagram illustrates this process.

You can help! Task force membership is open to anyone interested in working on solutions. Please contact us by email at info@fwscc.org or phone at 817-250-4876 to find out more about joining a task force.

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